Gregory Crewdson- White Cube

Gregory Crewdson. 2015. Artist white cube . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 26 January 2017].

These images by Gregory Crewdson is a good example of an idea I may have for my own project. Partially the first image I have chosen. I chose the first images because I am inspired by the darkness of the lighting in this image. The image was taken in the evening/ night-time which is something id like to experiment with in this project. What I mostly like about this image is the silhouette style the model gives off. The lighting around her face may suggest that she has a bright flash in front of her which gives that amazing glow around her head which separates her dark head from the sky. I believe this was planned as she may have been getting too lost within the dark background. What i also really like about this image is the houses in the far background. I like how you can still see the houses and partially the lighting that is coming through the windows. This gives the image more dimension and depth. I also like how the road and the  grass is still lit up as this gives the image more potential to create a story or meaning behind it.




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