History of documentary photography

Looking into the history of documentary photography I have learned that back before photography excited people would use images such as drawing, paintings and sketches to show their findings. These were used on the newspaper and on leaflets and advertisements. This was a good aspect for the photojournalist who created the work because they would describe things better and actually show people what they want them to see. But, the problem with this is that its easy to fake stories and its easy to draw anything for the news and make people believe it. This causes it to be inaccurate.

Later on when photographs came along, this was a very good way of being able to only show whats true as then they couldn’t fake a photograph and it was all very real. For example, Lewis Hine was a photographer in 1907. He photographed the industry in the US. He would do this as a social reform. He would only show aspects of the world that needed to be appreciated.

After photographs developed, people began to create composgraphs which were an early manipulation on images which is like Photoshop which we have now. In these images they would cut and glue celebrity faces onto other peoples bodies to make it look like they were actually there as these photographers didn’t get the access to these celebrities. The news and magazines had to fake their images to get views and readers.

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