Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt is a photographer I have looked at in previous projects. I thought I’d have a look at his some of bis work to familiarise my self with it again. I found this image on his website under the documentary section. I thought that some images in here could relate to what I am currently doing in my project. This image is one that I chose. I chose it because it reminded me a bit of Shirley Baker and Denis Lincoln together. I think this because of how the sign frames the ‘couple’ in this image. However it seems as if they have no idea the photograph is being taken, similar to Denis’s work. I really love the dark tones in this image, especially the shadows. Although I don’t want to use black and white in my images, I still would like to inspire by it. I don’t have time to do another shoot at this point but I could have experimented more with using more than one person in my shoots, like Bill Brandt has done here as well as the who other photographers.

Bill Brandt. 2015. Bill Brandt Archive . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 4 November 2016].


Categories Environment, Research

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