Denis Lincoln

I came across a photographer called Denis Lincoln. On his website he has a few different photographic sections. The one I was interested in was the street one as my project is based around the street. I thought I could get some inspiration from his work, and I did. All the photographs below are images that i was inspired by in his series. The first one reminds me of some of the images I took. However it has more than one person in it unlike mine which only has one it’s in full colour. What I like most about his images is that all the people in the images don’t know their photograph is being taken. It is very documented and street style which is what i am interested in within this project. In my own images I want it to look as if I found them there and that its not staged. I’m not sure if this is staged to look natural or if it actually is. Some of the image here especially the third one reminds me of Shirley baker because the man is framed by the building around him. I feel like these images were taken without permission because they look quite far away and not close in. However he could have been doing this to show more on the environment like i did when using the 24mm prime lens. I want to inspire by this artist more in my next shoot and try and make it look as natural as I can. I could also experiment with taking the image at night time like the second image. Overall I am really inspired by this photographers series and I want to keep his work in mind during my next shoot.

Denis Lincoln. 2016. Denis Lincoln Photographer . Available at: [Accessed 30 October 2016].

Categories Environment, Research

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