Analogue VS. Digital

For this project I had to decide whether I wanted to go for a digital or analog approach. Using digital world mean I get faster results. It would also mean that I have typically more control over my images. Working digital is a advantage because you can see where to improve or continue straight after you take photograph whereas analog you have to wait until you print your negatives. Analog may be a great advantage as it in my option gives so much more character to an image. It also would go really will with my concept. However the process is much slower than digital. I would also have to commit straight away if I wanted to use colour or black and white, whereas with digital it takes seconds to change my images colours to see what works best for the future shoot. Also this project isn’t a long project which means I wouldn’t have a lot of time to create a large amount of shoots as the process can be quite long. It can also be very expensive using analog. With all these things considered I feel like the best process to use would be digital. This is because of the time I  have on this project mainly. In my future projects I would love to base it on along. For now I would like to stick to the canon 5D and using a range of lenses to get the type of image I want.



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