Alexander Richter

I found a photographer who does a lot of different styles of photography. He does street, documentary, portraits, environmental portraits and more. I found all of his work on his website. This image in particular interested me as I found it to be similar to what I was looking at of hiding the face. This image/images in particular are mainly focused on the actual persona whereas mine are more focused on the portrait within the environment. I don’t recall of seeing many photographers doing this style of completely hiding the identity of the person. He has hidden the persons face with clothing and hand gestures which is similar to mine. Out of all his images this is the one that I can relate to the most, even though its still different. I find it very eye-catching and focused on the person which is what he was trying to communicate. From what I know this person is famous, so Alexander might have been trying to take the fame and identity off of him and just focus on him more as a person or even an object as it is in black and white and it really takes all emotion out of it. I will be looking and researching more into his work in the future as he has a wide range of interesting material that i can inspire by. I may also come back to this photographer in my next identity project as i feel like it would relate more, however I did want to look more into it as it has a similar aspect of what I was creating.

Alexander Richter. 2014. Alexander Richter. Available at: [Accessed 20 October 2016].

Categories Environment, Research

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