Shirley Baker

During the thought process of my new idea, I found a book on Shirley Baker. Her book called ‘Streets and Spaces (urban photography)’ was a turning point in my idea. I am highly inspired by her work in this book. As I look at it more I discover new aspects of it. I was firstly inspired by her images in and around door ways and windows with the subject matter within it. All images in the book were taken in the streets of either Manchester or Salford. The earlier photos she took were in black and white and the most recent are in colour. Each page has one full image and the images relate but contrast each other which I think is amazing. One page in particular is a contrast of then and now, using buildings and people. It shows the difference between how people used to act and look and how they look now this is on page 64-65 (Manchester, 1965 and Salford, 2000). Although I can’t relate to this topic and try and inspire by it, I love the idea behind it and it took me a while to realise that this was on each page. Her work is very much like documentary and street photography, which I haven’t experienced much in but I would like to try and include this in my current and future work.img_3375img_3374

What i am most inspired by is how she uses the doors to frame the subject. She uses her surroundings to explore what is inside and what is out. She also uses negative space a lot for example; page 67 (Manchester ,2000), which is something I’d like to include to add to my images.


On page 73 (Manchester, 1961) she uses a puddle of water in the road to reflect what is seen in the distance. I adore images that have this in the image. If I find this within a location i am going to include it. I also would like to try using water for example or a reflective surface to try and include what is behind the camera to show what else is in the scene in one whole image. For an example a image looking back into a scene would be Lee Friedlander, in this image you can see what is infront and what is behind. I may be going to detail later on but, this is a quick example. friedlander008_795_795










Baker, Shirley (2000). Streets and spaces (urban photography). The Lowry Centre Limited: Shirley Baker.

Whitney Museum of American Art. 2016. Lee Friedlander: America By Car. Available at: [Accessed 18 October 2016].

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